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InQuisient Launches New Tools at GEOINT 2015

RESTON, Va. – June 23, 2015 – InQuisient, the premiere provider of advanced data management solutions, is introducing two new tools and enhancements to their platform to help government decision makers create order from chaos.

InQuisient’s enterprise data management platform helps government organizations more efficiently manage data calls and large projects. Users can respond to unexpected data calls or drill down to any level detail of project management with confidence and accountability. Quick to deploy and quick to deliver results, the InQuisient platform enables better data-driven decision making at the speed of your mission. This browser-based solution gives end users anytime access to high integrity data, with a clear chain of custody, so they can make informed decisions across all operational levels.

The web-based technology is being embraced by Intelligence, Defense, and Homeland Security customers, because the solution is quick to deploy, easy to use, and easy to transition to, while providing the scalability, security, and accountability of a solid enterprise system. When the ICCIO, or the Director of OMB, or Congress initiates a Data Call, InQuisient ensures the organization can quickly respond with confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of their data.

With its two new tools, InQuisient has focused on specific challenges where its customers have asked for help. InQuisient’s Project Portfolio Insight Tool is the intelligent ‘big picture’ solution for any large project portfolio management effort. Users can track, review and contribute to the management of numerous projects within a broader portfolio. There is a clear chain of custody and accountability. Using this intuitive application, individual managers can review data and reporting through a single system and interface, instead of trying to compare and collate hundreds of different reports and spreadsheets. With total transparency and enhanced collaboration, leaders are better equipped to manage assets and direct projects. This increases efficiency, reduces unnecessary expenditures, minimizes risk and improves outcomes. Organizations can bypass the need for time-consuming IT development and collect and analyze the data they need at the speed of the mission.

InQuisient’s Data Call Central Tool streamlines the data call process, and lets organizations move away from the days of multiple spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, and Technical Ticketing Systems. It facilitates the efficient collection of information from many parts and people within an organization, rapidly and with a clear chain of custody. The organization can respond to unexpected, time-sensitive data calls rapidly and confidently, with minimal interruption and maximum collaboration. InQuisient’s web-based tool can reduce the organization’s costs of data collection by over 50%.

The InQuisient platform is currently being used in many organizations in the Intelligence Community, within the Department of Defense, in Homeland Security organizations and some Civilian organizations. Please come by Booth #4115 for a demonstration of the platform and its two new tools: Project Portfolio Insight and Data Call Central. Please also join us for the reception Tuesday, June 23, from 4-5 pm at our booth #4115.

About InQuisient:

InQuisient’s enterprise data management platform creates order from chaos, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels. The user-driven browser-based platform upholds the highest standards of security and integrity. With the ability to deploy rapidly for just-in-time results, InQuisient is “Everyman’s data management tool.”  For more information, please call 888-230-2181 or visit

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