Accelerate Transformation.

Minimize Disruption

InQuisient allows organizations to dramatically accelerate realization of digital transformation initiatives, all while preserving capital and minimizing disruption to the systems and processes that your business depends on.

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Agile done right. For the Enterprise

Project Portfolio Management

Program Management

Demand Management

Contract Management

Financial Management

Time Management

Enterprise Architecture Management

Resource Allocation

Idea Management

Capacity Planning

Application Rationalization

Metadata Management

By bringing together all of your enterprise data in a unified platform, InQuisient enables large enterprises to ask the right questions and ensure that key areas of the business are aligned and accounted for every step of the way.

Align, Monitor, & Optimize with IQ

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Align Your Enterprise, Unify BI and Realize More with InQuisient

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Support & Enable Rapid Change

  • Manage Portfolios & Projects from a Single Place
  • Leverage Powerful Embedded Analytics
  • Effectively Control Cost & Manage Change
  • Adopt Any Project Methodology
  • Manage Resource & Capacity Conflict

Organizations embracing digital transformation are 26% more profitable than their average industry competitors and have a 12% higher market valuation.

Pain-free Digital Transformation

Supports All Gartner-Defined Digital Transformation Recommendations

InQuisient allows organizations to realize transformation initiatives while ensuring that strategic, cultural or financial goals are still achieved.

Enterprise Program Portfolio Management

Enterprise Business Process Analysis

Integrated & Scalable Enterprise Master Data Management

Single Source of Data Truth & Powerful Repository

Self-Service Platform for All Stakeholders

Creates a Standardize Business Glossary & Data Catalog

Superior Data Quality & Governance Built-in

Data Privacy & Relational Controls

Unify, Align & Maximize the Value Every Business Area Can Bring to Your Enterprise

Business architecture

Information architecture

Solution architecture

Technical architecture

Security architecture

Effectively manage current enterprise needs with a powerful and innovative enterprise investment that prepares your organization for the future

  • Single Repository
  • Modeling
  • Decision analysis
  • Presentation
  • Administration
  • Configurability
  • Frameworks
  • Cloud-Ready
  • Usability

Accelerate your transformation with InQuisient’s powerful set of enterprise-level tools

InQuisient’s industry-leading platform is trusted by large-scale enterprises across the federal and commercial sectors to increase business agility and deliver real results.

See what IQ can do for you.

Drive your bottom line with a powerful, intuitive platform that everyone can use to accelerate and achieve more for your enterprise. Experience the InQuisient Platform for yourself.