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Experience the collaboration, innovation, and speed of Agile methodology while gaining access to the data you need, when you need it, in a transparent and authoritative manner. Our Agile Developer tool lets you rapidly change the way your enterprise creates and delivers value to customers  — without disrupting current processes and workflows or requiring expensive and time-consuming development or consulting costs.

Leverage the power of Agile development with ease and flexibility with IQ’s Agile Developer and start benefiting from InQuisient’s comprehensive solutions platform today.

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Increasing the speed of transformation, improving business agility, and enabling more consistent and predictable results across the enterprise in real-time is difficult to achieve, especially all at once. Agile methodology is a useful tool, but by itself, Agile cannot scale to the needs of the larger enterprises and the systems they create.

For very large organizations who rely on evolving sets of data, scaling Agile can prove an exceptionally difficult challenge. Significant change to how value is created and delivered to customers while ensuring quality and delivery are maintained is an extreme balancing act for massive organizations.

IQ’s Agile Developer offers a next-gen solution for large enterprises to adopt Agile methodology at scale. Learn how InQuisient is enabling large organizations to collaborate, innovate, and increase speed with Agile in a practical and achievable way.

A Proven Approach To Agile At-Scale

Adopt Agile with Confidence

We’ve built IQ Agile Developer to be adaptive to evolving customer needs. Some projects will work best with a Scrum approach while others benefit from a Lean, Kanban-based approach. With InQuisient, enterprises can achieve Lean-Agile development success in ways traditional portfolio management software can’t do at-scale. InQuisient offers organizations a platform that’s technical enough to effectively support a variety of Agile frameworks while providing intuitive, nontechnical tools every person can use to adopt, implement and effortlessly scale Agile across the enterprise.

IQ Agile Developer supports many Agile methodologies to enable enterprise teams to seamlessly collaborate, have full access to all the data and collectively contribute to success.

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Enterprises using IQ can deliver value continuously and more efficiently on a regular and predictable schedule, so that they’re more Agile in the marketplace and more competitive in their industry.

See the benefits for yourself

Improve team collaboration and focus

Enable all team members to see current project status, promoting accountability

Help team see ‘big picture’

Enable team to manage themselves

Align backlogs to organization’s strategy

Implement Kanban for portfolio, program and team levels

Rank and prioritize activities to align with Agile Goals

Track important metrics

Track dependencies and remove impediments on every level

Enable delivery of Digital Products for overall business Agility

Collaboration, Flexibility, Speed.

Weaving Agile development, lean product development, and systems thinking methodologies throughout our Agile Developer, InQuisient provides accessibility and authoritative access to organizational data and a proven, simple way for enterprises to implement SAFe and increase business agility.

Synchronize alignment, collaborate with ease, and streamline delivery across large numbers of Agile teams, and use IQ Agile Developer to gain instant visibility and insight.

InQuisient’s powerful platform enables large enterprise systems that require thousands of people to create and maintain to be effectively managed by key decision makers. Streamline your software and systems development and enable every decision maker to immediately review progress and dependencies across teams, along with the product increments/sprints they work on. Downstream changes in target dates and progress can be viewed right from the IQ platform as information in the program/Kanban changes, enabling all levels of the organization to see portfolio and project performance in real-time.

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