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Information is an enterprise’s greatest asset. But the value within your organization’s data can only be realized when it is accessible. As the business grows and data expands, there needs to be a simple way to request important data across the enterprise, so it can be integrated into your repository and in a place for actionable insight. IQ Data Call Central is a tool within the InQuisient Platform that helps make the process of gathering and integrating fragmented data into centralized knowledge an easy and quick process.

Bring all your data in one place. Rapidly respond to unexpected, time-sensitive data calls. Empower your entire team from the front lines to the front office. Make the most of your data with IQ Data Call Central.

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Centralize your data. Act with confidence. 

Take control of your data and maximize the power of your repository. Use IQ Data Call Central tool to effectively answer any data call with speed and confidence, while avoiding the common transient data collection approaches that too often cause their own set of problems. As the industry’s MDM experts, we’ve built IQ Data Call Central to minimize data collection time, ensure all requested data is received, ensure that all data is usable, trustworthy and of the highest quality.

IQ makes it easy for large organizations to collect any specific data set rapidly and with a clear chain of custody, ensuring the highest confidence. IQ’s browser-based, cloud-friendly platform increases collection efficiency significantly, ensuring all data results are high-quality, transparent, and can be trusted across the enterprise. Returned Call Data is automatically stored in the repository and available to all relevant users immediately to generate reports that enable historical comparisons and analysis and augment planning and design efforts across the enterprise.

Experience the Benefits

Browser-based tool provides
access from anywhere

Ability to set a clear chain of
custody enhances data integrity

Data is stored and is reusable to
generate timely, intuitive reports

Historical comparisons and
analysis make it easier to see
patterns over time

InQuisient’s Data Call Central engine helps organizations collect the specific data needed, rapidly and with a clear chain of custody, ensuring the highest confidence. Data is stored and is reusable to generate reports that enable historical comparisons and analysis, and the web-based design increases efficiency significantly, ensuring high integrity results today and moving forward.

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