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Always see the full picture and a clear line of sight across the enterprise, from strategy to delivery. With InQuisient, enterprise leaders can optimize performance and deliver results on current program and project portfolios while seamlessly developing data-driven plans to realize future strategic objectives.

InQuisient’s comprehensive platform is the only strategic planning solution platform that enables true visibility and alignment across the enterprise. IQ unifies all your data and critical business information into a single repository and normalizes it, so leaders at every level of the organization can analyze, act and adapt in ways that minimize risk, maximize ROI and optimally align with business goals.

Use IQ’s robust suite of enterprise-level planning tools to:

Assess and align projects/programs to strategy

Keep projects on-track

Gain total enterprise visibility

Access executive-level insight

Effectively allocate resources

Fix performance issues

Assess and reduce risk

InQuisient Project Portfolios

Assess and align projects/programs to strategy

Ensure your portfolio is focused on “Doing the Right Thing”, vs “Doing Things Right”

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InQuisient Capability Model Dashboard

Keep projects on-track

Make informed decisions grounded in data truth

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InQuisient Approved Dashboard

Gain total enterprise visibility

See the full, true picture at the macro and micro level

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InQuisient Approved Dashboard

Access executive-level insight

Demonstrate value and build strong business cases for projects

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InQuisient Timeline Dashboard

Effectively allocate resources

Use multiple overviews and perspectives to deploy resources most appropriately

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InQuisient Metric Dashboard

Fix performance issues

Track project health indicators and easily identify negative patterns

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InQuisient Metric Dashboard

Assess and reduce risk

Identify, quantify and assess risk areas and use IQ analytics to forecast effective solutions

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Discover a more intelligent approach

to Portfolio Management

Today, PPM involves much more than monitoring budgets, optimizing performance, balancing capacity against demand, or effectively prioritizing capabilities and resources. Technology and market disruption has necessarily evolved the field, and mature portfolio and program managers are taking an increasingly holistic approach to more effectively connect strategy to implementation to realize change.

More than ever, modern enterprises must have all of their data available, at all times, for effective PPM that increases business agility and empowers cross-departmental teams to deliver at-speed.

  • Embedded Analytics & Visualization
  • Built-in Metadata Management
  • Integrates SAFe Scaled Agile Guidance

Comprehensive PPM for the Enterprise

Project Portfolio Management

Program Management

Demand Management

Contract Management

Financial Management

Time Management

Enterprise Architecture Management

Resource Allocation

Idea Management

Capacity Planning

Ask the Right Questions. Get Data-Driven Answers.
IQ’s data-driven tools keep the focus on what really matters for PPM & PMO teams

  • Are projects aligned with our business strategy?
  • What is the true performance and results of our projects/programs? 
  • Is our current portfolio the right mix of projects?
  • Are we allocating and managing our resources effectively?
  • Are projects being managed properly?
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Realize the Benefits of Agile
Portfolio Management at-Scale with IQ

InQuisient Benefits of Agile Portfolio Management

The Only Data-Driven PPM Solution for the Enterprise

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Why the Right PPM Platform is a Key Value Driver for the Enterprise

Projects are 38% more likely to be completed on-budget

2x more likely to realize expected ROI

Reduce the failure rate of projects undertaken as much as 15%

Comprehensive PPM tool investments provide ROI of more than 250%

Reduce project cycle times as much as 10%

25% less time spent on administrative management of projects

SaaS-model PPMs provide the highest return when evaluated over a 3 year horizon

Strong correlation between PPM systems, maturity of PPM practices and overall reported ROI as a management approach

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