IQ Integrated Portfolio Analyzer Plus

IQ Integrated Portfolio Analyzer Plus is the modern answer to digital business investment uncertainty.  Leveraging the power of the InQuisient Platform, you can finally bridge the gap between your spending and your strategic plans with real-time analytics.

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Timely data –

is the missing link

Digital business investments carry high levels of risk. But how do you know when your investments require attention? That’s the challenge – the gap between spending and knowing whether investments are aligning with changing market needs and business goals. The most efficient, profitable changes are informed by timely knowledge. You need to know that your investments are on track and that you aren’t missing any opportunities. 

Our breakthrough patented platform solves that. With integrated portfolio analysis providing adaptive investment management and governance, the IQ Platform combines multiple perspectives needed to align strategy to assets to digital products and projects for holistic decision-making.

Inform your decisions,
Reduce your risk

The IQ Integrated Portfolio Analyzer Plus tool bridges the gap between spending and effectively implementing your strategic plan. Real-time analytics enable informed business model change, investment guidance and operating model transformation for best outcomes. It is data-driven agility in motion.

Discover the benefits
of a fully iterative tool

Tracks in real-time whether your
investments are paying off

Integrates data from your best of breed tools
and processes

Produces clear and concise summaries in
visual dashboards

Analyzes level of risk and other metrics to guide agile strategic investment decisions

Enables data-driven optimization of
business processes

Performs investment gap and
overlap analyses

Identify and seize opportunities with confidence

CIO Objective

Customer Centricity

Product-Centric Delivery

Achieve better outcomes through major changes in operating models

Concentrate and invest in data analytics, rather than system sustainment

InQuisient Solution

Captures and analyzes customer feedback to define requirements

Determines digital product ROI by measuring and analyzing performance metrics. Guides decisions by comparing product performance

Leverages enterprise architecture linking business process modeling and performance metrics to projects

Produces complete configurable data analytics and dashboards for full control and visibility

Case Study Download

When a major defense organization was tasked with managing its massive IT portfolio of projects, it faced a complex challenge.

Major Defense Organization Streamlines Investment Review Process

Case Study

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IQ’s platform can do.

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