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Seamlessly create strategic plans that align your architecture and spending to your overall business objectives with InQuisient’s Strategic Planner tool. IQ allows enterprises to use authoritative data to find opportunities to maximize resources, optimize processes and generate a clear, data-driven path to successfully executive strategic initiatives.

Create a single source of truth and implement your vision with transparency and clarity. Build consensus and alignment around strategic goals that match your organization’s mission and speed transformation. InQuisient’s advanced strategic planning tool starts with data truth by filling a common gap in enterprise strategic planning and communications initiatives.

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Align your data

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In many organizations, Enterprise Architecture (EA) and strategic business goals are completely disconnected. As a consequence, results are often delayed, budgets are exceeded and time is wasted. In order to react swiftly and appropriately to business changes, agile Enterprise Architecture must provide a way to capture how services align to broader business motivations, such as vision, goals, objectives, strategies, and mission.

InQuisient’s IQ Strategic Planner can help. IQ’s browser-based software enables you to link your business vision, goals, strategies, tactics and business rules from anywhere. The IQ Strategic Planner also automatically connects any resulting business specifications to align your EA and IT stack with your goals and directives and summarizes the information in an easy-to-understand strategic plan document. By integrating disparate sources of information together with IQ, your organization can see the full, true picture, ask the right questions and get direct answers so strategic plans can be built with confidence and accuracy.

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infrastructure required


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When a major defense organization was tasked with managing its massive IT portfolio of projects, it faced a complex challenge.

Major Defense Organization Streamlines Investment Review Process

Case Study

How it Works

Our IQ Strategic Planner tool provides a structure for developing, communicating, and managing strategic business plans in an organized manner. Specifically, this web-based platform:

Step 1

Identifies factors that motivate the establishing of business plans

Step 2

Identifies and defines the elements of business plans; indicates how all these factors and elements inter-relate

Step 3

Publishes the final result as an easy-to-read document

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IQ Strategic Planner captures business requirements across different dimensions to rigorously capture and justify why the organization wants to do something, what it is aiming to achieve, how it plans to get there, and how it assesses the result.

IQ Strategic Planner
helps organizations ask the right questions







What does the business want to accomplish?


How does the business intend to accomplish this?


What are the rules and policies that constrain or govern the available means?


What external factors can affect changes to the organization’s employment of its means or achievement of its ends?


What’s the judgment of an Influencer affecting the organization’s ability to achieve its ends or use its means?

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IQ Strategic Planner enables organizations to systematically review and analyze vision statements, objectives, strategies, tactics, and business rules within the context of and in consideration for existing Enterprise Architecture business processes.

Everything within IQ serves to enable enterprises to ask and answer the most important enterprise strategic planning question: does the architecture support the business objectives?

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