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Transform Your Enterprise with
Active Metadata Management from IQ

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Powerful, Unified Metadata Platform

Create a constant, reliable flow of knowledge and data across all enterprise assets, projects and relationships.

Optimally support business initiatives and enable automated generation of a trusted version of any enterprise data domain to all relevant stakeholders.

Active Metadata Management Benefits the Entire Enterprise

A single source of data truth to design the business, build the business, run the business and report the business.

How it Works

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InQuisient Supports All Gartner-Defined Master
Data Management Recommendations

Workflow & Business Process Management (BPM)

Loading/Sync/Business Services

Data Modeling

Information Quality/Semantics

High-Performance, Scalable, Available and Secure Platform

Hierarchy Management

Data Stewardship

Data Governance

Multiple Implementation Styles

Multiple Usage Scenarios

Multiple Domain and Multidomain

Metadata Management

Product Suite Internal Integration


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InQuisient’s industry-leading platform is trusted by large-scale enterprises across the federal and commercial sectors to increase business agility and deliver real results.

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