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InQuisient’s enterprise architecture tools and solutions enable enterprises to take control of their IT systems to create intentional, strategic architectures that maximize ROI and effectively support the real-world operations and intended business environment. Seamlessly scale IT projects and find low-hanging fruit to drive the bottom line by removing inefficiencies from systems duplicates and cost overruns. Empower your teams to create informed, relevant EA designs that drive value and efficiencies across the enterprise while optimizing existing IT systems.

Use real-time data to create data-driven drawings that properly support and keep pace with enterprise IT programs and ensure that business units, departments, and role levels can collaborate and stay aligned with ease to strategic objectives.

InQuisient is defining a new standard of Enterprise Architecture (EA) – one that breaks down the cross-department silos with IT and expands the value and application of EA design across the enterprise in real-time.

Design with Intention, Not by Default.

Enterprise Architecture tools enable some of the most powerful methods for improving business agility and increasing efficiencies, yet many organizations choose a reactive vs proactive approach for EA. Enterprise Architecture design – whether good or bad – directly controls the speed and efficiency of your enterprise flywheel. InQuisient has created a powerful tool that enables architects to create drawings that maximize, optimize and improve performance at every level, from technology and applications, to information systems up to strategic business objectives.

Design Your Enterprise

from Data Truth

Effective, practical EA design that aligns your entire enterprise

EA answers an important question for any business strategy or initiative – “How do we get there from here?” Establishing a trusted source of data truth for architects to draw upon allows EA design to be deliberate and effective.

The powerful enterprise architecture tools within IQ Architect enable EA to become so much more than governance or standardization to the enterprise. When architects have the full view of enterprise data and the very best EA tools at their fingertips, EA is a powerful, transformative business tool to increase agility, minimize waste, avoid downtime, eliminate inefficiency and find technology gaps and redundancies – all while assuring that existing and future operations are fully supported.

IQ Architect takes a data-driven and holistic approach to EA.

Architect from real-time data.

Keep pace with IT technology programs underway and the need to constantly monitor and execute compliance activities.

Design from data truth.

Ensure that data is authoritative and from a shared system of record, where IT architects, Program Managers and other stakeholders in the enterprise can work separately in tandem towards strategic objectives.

Create data-driven drawings.

Drawings continue to be the vehicle for communicating EA design across the enterprise, but drawings should be built around an accurate and comprehensive requirements repository and where functional descriptions and other created EA data are founded on enterprise data truth. These drawings should also be broken down into their component parts as data. This highly valuable information can then be linked and leveraged to enable the rest of the enterprise to perform efficiently, and not just be a pretty picture on the cubicle wall.

Work from a single source of truth.

IQ Architect offers an enterprise-level management tool that enables every participant in the enterprise management or analysis team to interact with the same information. This allows interconnected domains to align and operate in tandem in a seamless manner.

Align Your Enterprise

Architect the Future
of Your Enterprise.

Enterprise architecture tools that can be used by anyone to keep the value chain connected, share data, guide change, and execute services.

InQuisient Architect the Future Desktop

Data-Driven EA Drawings

Leverage Drawing Objects as actual data in the system. 

Reuse, link, edit, and report on anything and eliminate data being trapped inside proprietary drawings. IQ Architect can also autogenerate drawings from your data without the drawing tool, allowing any information to be shared across the enterprise.

World Class Data Repository

Configure to any data requirement without needing skills.

Relational database metamodels, patented extensions, and state-of-the-art MDM capabilities are built right into the IQ platform, allowing anybody to quickly and easily configure any data requirement without needing any training.

Fast Time to IOC

Simple, intuitive tools made for every knowledge worker.

IQ’s intuitive tools and Web service SOA architecture makes it possible for the average IT worker and architect to build forms, add data, and collaborate. Regardless of enterprise size, time to IOC using IQ can be as little as 4 months from install to achieving IOC.

No-Code, Visual EA Builder & Drawing Tools

Build EA design without needing expensive DB Developers.

IQ’s web services approach eliminates the need for expensive DB developers to build out your enterprise architecture. Retain total control of EA initiatives, increase agility and lower your Total Cost of Ownership substantially with IQ.

Affordable, Nondisruptive Solution

Internally architect a data-driven, nondisruptive design built on data truth.

InQuisient uses your existing enterprise infrastructure to both minimize operational disruption and greatly speed digital transformation, while lowering TOC dramatically.

Learn more about IQ’s complete suite of enterprise-level EA, PPM, and MDM solutions that drive the bottom line and deliver more like nothing else.

Case Study Download

When a major defense organization was tasked with managing its massive IT portfolio of projects, it faced a complex challenge.

Major Defense Organization Streamlines Investment Review Process

Case Study

Process Modeling

Architects can view business processes, edit in-browser, import/export from any external tool they use for model editing – all while keeping relevant information associated with projects and other data elements readily available.

InQuisien 26 BPNM Diagram
InQuisient DODAF OVF2 Diagram


IQ Architect can auto-generated diagrams solely based on the system data, allowing drawings like these to be created automatically and on-demand.

Why choose IQ Architect?

More than ten generations of the IQ platform have helped enterprises use their data to design EA that does more. For decades, InQuisient’s tool suite has supported thousands of users in large enterprises to successfully manage billions of dollars’ worth of projects. From Fortune 500 and Federal Government customers, InQuisient enabled all enterprise roles, from Chief Architects to IT Portfolio Managers, to effectively design and manage their enterprise technology. Since 2004, InQuisient has pioneered the data and truth driven approach to EA management that’s shaping the future for enterprises.

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