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IQ Process Modeler helps enterprises identify ways to improve business outcomes, drive efficiency, account for new circumstances and gain a competitive advantage that lasts. Our Process Modeler tool is an intuitive, highly visual way to map out your strategy step-by-step in order to achieve precise implementation, set expectations and allocate resources accordingly. What’s more, it provides a standard, common language for every stakeholder regardless of technical expertise. Ready to build a clearer path forward?

Converge Your Data, Process, People

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IQ Process Modeler bridges the gap between process design and implementation by providing meaningful insight into the sequence of your business activities. Merging advanced diagramming, data visualization and collaboration capabilities, IQ Process Modeler delivers better business outcomes and enhanced precision for better, faster decisions across cross-departmental enterprise processes. Build detailed, data-driven business process maps quickly and easily — and communicate them seamlessly with your enterprise.

See the Benefits

Get instant feedback through advanced

collaboration capabilities

Intuitive drag-and-drop features makes

diagramming simple

Repeatable templates save time

and resources

Sharing and presentation functions make

it easy to share with stakeholders

IQ Process Modeler ensures processes are optimized for strategic objectives, maximize technology resources and work for the people and teams making it all happen. Align processes to business goals. Easily share and communicate with others. Receive feedback in real-time. Get your whole team on the same page so you can move your enterprise forward.

IQ Process Modeler helps you:

  • Identify efficiencies and redundancies within your processes 
  • See the big picture and connect the dots between past, present and future 
  • Collaborate seamlessly with key stakeholders regardless of location  
  • Easily visualize processes regardless of your technical background 
  • Set clear expectations across your entire enterprise 
  • Pinpoint opportunities, saving resources and reducing manual efforts
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When a major defense organization was tasked with managing its massive IT portfolio of projects, it faced a complex challenge.

Major Defense Organization Streamlines Investment Review Process

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