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Strategic Enterprise Accelerator
& Data Management Platform

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InQuisient’s cloud-ready platform aligns strategy with outcomes by empowering teams to effectively plan strategic initiatives, identify business opportunities, automate workflows, optimize processes, accelerate delivery and execute complex digital technology objectives at mission speed.

IQ unifies Insight, Integration
& Impact for the Modern Enterprise.

The result is incredible portfolio
and enterprise planning tools
that let you do more and go farther.

Faster Time-to-Value

Visual modeling and planning tools accelerate delivery on strategic initiatives.

Work the Way You Want

Collaborate across teams and align business strategy with optimal execution at every level.

A Single Source of Truth

Integrate everything so you always have the true full picture and can see the road ahead.

A Powerful Set of Tools

Integrated tools and solutions that accelerate the entire lifecycle, from strategy, ideation and planning through execution and deployment.

Project Portfolio Management

Forecasting tools that advance PPM and project delivery capabilities

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Strategic Enterprise Planning

Bring strategic initiatives to life and enable real-time insights to inform priority, resource and funding changes

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Enterprise Architecture

Ensure technology is connected and aligned with business context to drive strategic outcomes

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Agile Project Management

Give Agile enterprise teams a visualized way to plan, coordinate and deliver on initiatives effectively at speed

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Enterprise Digital Transformation

Enterprise-wide portfolio planning and delivery management that seamlessly aligns the entire enterprise

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Process Optimization & Change Management

Empower every knowledge worker to proactively identify opportunities to stay competitive

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Technology Management

Take control of IT assets and ensure investments are optimally timed and aligned with business objectives

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Risk Modeling & Compliance

Effectively navigate evolving regulatory environments while minimizing risk, waste and business disruption

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Metadata Management

Manage and enrich data quality & apply common data definitions that enable cross-departmental and top-level collaboration and transparency

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Application Rationalization

Streamline your application portfolio to maximize investment ROI, improve efficiency, eliminate redundancy and optimize data storage costs.

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Services Delivery Planning

Seamlessly enhance, optimize, streamline, simplify and align existing capabilities and resources to enhance customer value and improve service quality

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Resource & Demand Management

Effectively drive productivity, achieve demand/capacity balance and establish predictable, sustainable business operations across the enterprise

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IQ Platform Principles

Pain Free Transformation

Gain the benefits of disruptive business decision making without disrupting the business itself.

Democratize Data

Integrate anything and everything so every decision maker is empowered with ground truth and immediate insight.

Accelerate Agile Delivery

Make the most of what you have that works, while adding new heights of value and insight to the enterprise.

Data-driven Perspective

See the objective truth to inform strategic decisions grounded in empirical certainty.

High-Signal Insight

Cut through the noise with real-time analytics that enable informed business insight and agility.

Easy & Low-Code

Achieve business objectives faster with low-code software that enables users of all levels to make an impact.

Remove Silos

Bring your data together in one place to simplify workflows and drive smarter decisions, faster.


Access tools from anywhere with an intuitive, brower-based platform that works in any environment.

IQ expands your impact and accelerates your enterprise.

InQuisient empowers every decision-maker to unlock and unleash enterprise data to enable successful initiatives and transformative outcomes.

Align the Enterprise at Every Level

What we stand for










We strive to simplify complexity and derive actionable insight from what would otherwise be chaos.


We believe the most effective project teams work together from shared understanding, and the IQ platform makes the right data available to all.


We believe in creating trust in data, and ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the full truth as it stands this moment.


We created a platform that reduces barriers to gaining insight from data, and allows users to arrive at that knowledge expediently.


Our platform is browser-based, giving users the ability to access the data and insights from anywhere, using any internet-connected device.


We designed the platform and tools to integrate with anything and configured to meet your organization’s unique data management needs.


InQuisient’s platform is designed to easily change with your organization, while minimizing operational impact and painful re-architecting.


Our highest focus is ensuring positive business impact for our customers, and all of our innovation and relentless service is committed to that end.

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