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Common Questions About the InQuisient Platform

Do you work with Services partners?

  • Yes, we are eager to have Services organizations as part of our Partner Ecosystem.

Are you accredited to work on classified networks?

  • Yes, please contact us for more information on this subject.

Do you have experts who can help us with deployments?

  • Yes, we have a Services Delivery team who can help you with training, project kickoff or even work with you for an entire project’s life cycle.

How does InQuisient save me money?

  • InQuisient saves money at the enterprise level in a few ways:
    1.     Deduplication of projects and workflow processes.
    2.     Streamlined project and portfolio prioritization decision-making.
    3.     Tool consolidation across multiple tool domains, such as Enterprise Architecture and Project, Program and Portfolio Management.

What are the integration capabilities of IQ?

  • The IQ Platform is designed to specifically to integrate data from and with all types of Enterprise third-party software.

What is the architecture of the product?

  •  InQuisient Platform is constructed as a three tier web application. It can be deployed on premise, or in the cloud.

What are the cost models for IQ Licensing?

  • Our sales team can help you with the best price for your requirement. Contact sales at [email protected].

Are the licenses perpetual or year subscription?

  • We offer both Perpetual and SaaS licensing. We use concurrent user licensing under both models.

How do you charge for Support and upgrades? Are they included in the license fee or charged separately?

  • Support and Upgrades are included if all licenses are kept up to date. Enhanced support can be purchased.

How do we get updates of IQ Platform enhancements/bug fixes?

  • Platform upgrades for current customers are available immediately through the IQ portal upon login. IQ provides software upgrades about twice a year and the registered users will be notified on every new release. Users will be able to use the new release via browser through secured login without downloading anything to upgrade their instance. The upgrade mechanism, release notes and special notes will be supplemented with software upgrade.

How do I reach the support team?

  • You can also reach IQ support through email [email protected] and a member of our team will respond and arrange a call as needed.
  • If you have GOLD support, you get telephonic access directly and get access to the development team.

Does the IQ Platform support Oracle backend?

  • Yes, the IQ Platform uses the Oracle Enterprise database as its backend DB.

What is the training support you offer?

  • Train the Trainers: As part of the trainers program, a team of pilot users consisting of key stakeholders, power users of the application, and application administrators will be identified and trained on product use, configuration and maintenance. The typical training for 10 pilot users goes for 20 hours along with a 4 hour workshop on the InQuisient Platform. This training can be conducted virtually or onsite.
  • End User Training and Onboarding: End user training is designed for your specific project & portfolio management needs. The training involves a brief overview of the IQ Platform, followed by complete navigation of the product.
  • InQuisient University. Dozens of a la cart courses are available through the InQuisient University. Contact us for a list of the courses available.

What Training materials are available during training and post training?

  • User Manuals: Generic product user manuals are provided after initial training, which can be used while onboarding and as a post-implementation reference.
  • Training Manual: Training manuals are provided, which users can use and refer to during and post training. There is an InQuisient University self guided training program.
  • Extensive online help is also included in the platform for runtime reference.

Have a question not listed here? Email [email protected] and one of our IQ Platform Experts will get back to you soonest with an answer.

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