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Gain valuable insights into the management and control of your IT stack, as well as your entire IT portfolio to identify gaps and inconsistencies. With IQ’s Asset Manager tool, you can easily spot what’s missing, what’s actually being used, and what needs to be renewed or replaced, so you can effectively manage and maximize your assets.

Gain control of “right now” and make a clear roadmap of the path to your future.

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Smarter IT Asset Management
More Strategic Planning Insight

For large organizations, simple tracking of IT assets and keeping basic lists up-to-date is a never-ending challenge, enormously difficult and fraught with human error. Aligning current asset management with strategic IT planning is frequently impossible because these systems are so disparate.

IQ Asset Manager lets organizations move away from error-prone manual entries to authoritative data that’s machine-generated and correlated. Working on top of the IQ Platform, Asset Manager lets you clearly see information from strategic planning to the operational environment, and connects the dots along the operational process.

By assigning risk profiles to specific hardware and software versions, you can mitigate risk on the most vulnerable systems, and prioritize sustainment and modernization budgets to optimize the safety of key objectives in your strategic plan.

Discover the Benefits

Leaders have an immediate holistic view
of current IT assets, and can compare
what you actually have with what your
organization is approved to have

Provides authoritative, truthful asset
management data analytics

Provides authoritative list of network
or cloud-approved software and hardware

Can be vital component of capital
planning exercise

IQ Asset Manager helps organizations best allocate their IT resources and budget. By offering a clear picture of your current IT stack, IT portfolio planners can identify gaps or overlaps, properly time investments and maximize ROI within your current architecture.

Align & Unlock Enterprise IT Assets & Strategic Planning

IQ’s Asset Manager tool enable you to accurately compare what’s on your approved/unapproved list to what’s actually in your network. What’s more, the solution integrates with best-of-breed repositories and other asset management tools, like BDNA Technopedia, ensuring the fidelity and authority of the data.

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  • Compare what you have on your network vs. what your organization thought you had on your network

  • Link legacy systems to new IT portfolio projects for sunset planning

  • Track migration from enterprise to cloud environment

  • Use with asset management solutions such as BDNA to provide real- time reports on out-of-date licenses, software, and other vulnerabilities

  • Create a dashboard that shows the weight of the organization’s investment by software and hardware manufacturers (Microsoft, Intel, etc.)

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Inventory & Asset Management

  • Hardware and Software Categories and Decomposition Ontologies.

  • IT Inventory can be managed with hardware, the software that runs on it, and the versions of that software that are approved by the organization.

  • The approval process can be implemented and managed through the interfaces as well.

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InQuisient Computers Dashboard

Network Inventory Mapping

  • Network map rendering from IQ repository asset inventory/CMDB.

  • System data including network topology along with the inventory of servers once in the IQ platform can be rendered into a basic network diagram.

  • This provides verification data to architects and quick visual to IT around misconfigured or unconnected hardware in inventory.

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