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  • Is your IT Portfolio or PPM system having trouble scaling up?

    In 2018, InQuisient technology tracked over 8,000 IT systems, performed over 20,000 assessments, managed 1000s of named users and had over $6 billion in IT systems under management within the tool in a single deployment.

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  • Do your decision-makers find that they cannot access or understand the data they own to make good business assessments?

    InQuisient manages more projects and affects more project dollars than any other Enterprise Architecture or IT Portfolio Management system in the world.

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  • Is data from your tools missing in action?

    Do you need 10 tools to store and analyze the lake, but at the end of the day you still don’t have answers? Is this home-grown tool unmanageable and very expensive to maintain?

    Then your management team needs to look at InQuisient – it’s time to start a pilot!

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IQ Integrated Portfolio Analyzer Plus

Bridge the gap between spending and effectively implementing your strategic plan. Real-time analytics enable informed business model change, investment guidance and operating model transformation for best outcomes.

IQ Platform

InQuisient Platform gives database users visibility and real-time accuracy so they can make informed decisions. By doing so, they can easily connect the dots to facilitate the flow of knowledge so the right people get the right information at the right time.

IQ Portfolio Insight

Monitor and manage data across federated organizations and systems and deliver trusted, up-to-date information for your decision-makers.

IQ Strategic Planner

Create a strategic plan and align your organization’s architecture and spending portfolio to the resulting objectives and business goals.


Due to increased government regulations from OMB and DoD, Federal CIOs are under significant pressure and scrutiny to manage their enterprise business systems. Most agencies have no in-place tracking systems to connect their approved Enterprise Architecture (EA) with program budgets, and paperwork drills cannot keep pace with today’s data-driven enterprises.

If budgets don’t execute to the approved EA, CIOs will be in the dark about compliance with their own EA and other mandates, such as FITARA or DESMF. Only a data-driven approach that connects the EA to enterprise activities and programs can hope to establish good CIO level enterprise management practices.

The InQuisient platform puts users in control, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels of your organization. Discerning organizations across the U.S. Federal Government, DoD and Intelligence Community trust InQuisient to provide the agile, rapid data-driven decision making required for today’s global enterprise organizations. Transform your entire portfolio process into advanced visualization for real-time health assessments and decision making.

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When Knowledge Flows, Missions Succeed.

Senior leaders need an up-to-date, enterprise level perspective that also captures the details from individual contributors to spot anomalies quickly, notice trends, and solve problems rapidly. InQuisient delivers, enabling the multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels to eliminate silos and ensure success. Decision makers can view only the data they need to see, all without impacting the integrity of the data or disrupting the chain of custody – creating order from chaos.


InQuisient’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is far below that of any potential alternative with comparable full and turnkey capability offered.

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Record Time to Production

InQuisient implementations get up and running quickly. Our largest deployment took only four months from a standing start to production status.

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Patented Technology

We have had the same development team since the company’s inception over 10 years ago. Our Platform has been created by these experienced technologists working together, with input and engagement from our long-term customers. This team has been awarded a number of patents for the integration of Web Technology and Databases that enable many of the advantages discussed above.

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Share Knowledge.
Share Success.

From EA to IT Portfolio Management, decision makers need a seamless view of information to make informed decisions. When data is siloed, knowledge gaps can lead to critical mistakes. InQuisient enables the multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels to eliminate silos and ensure success. Learn More


Col. Debra Theall (Retired), US Army

Army PEO Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)


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