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InQuisient Leaders in Government Contracting

InQuisient, a provider of advanced data management solutions, has introduced two new tools in 2015, as well as enhancements to its platform to help government decision makers create order from chaos. With these tools, InQuisient has focused on specific challenges where its customers have asked for help.

InQuisient’s Project Portfolio Insight Tool is the intelligent “big-picture” solution for any large project portfolio management effort. Users can track, review and contribute to the management of numerous projects within a broader portfolio. There is a clear chain of custody and accountability.

Another new tool, InQuisient’s Data Call Central Tool, streamlines the data call process, and lets organizations move away from the days of multiple spreadsheets, SharePoint sites and technical ticketing systems. It facilitates the efficient collection of information from many parts and people within an organization, rapidly and with a clear chain of custody. The organization can respond to unexpected, time-sensitive data calls confidently, with minimal interruption and maximum collaboration.

Words of Wisdom: “Technology is an enabler to solve business problems. Our software company was inspired to solve real-world issues facing government managers every day.”