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InQuisient Named Company Of The Year By CIO Review

Reston, VA – April 22, 2019 — InQuisient, the premiere provider of advanced data management solutions, has been named “Company of the Year” by CIO Review in their annual Enterprise Architecture special edition.

InQuisient’s enterprise data management platform helps organizations more efficiently manage large IT portfolios and projects. InQuisient manages billions of dollars in business systems for large enterprise organizations. The web-based technology is quick to deploy, easy to use, and easy to transition to, while providing the scalability, security, and accountability of a solid enterprise system. It reduces time and budget requirements, saving customers at least 50% in data collection costs alone.

InQuisient manages more projects and affects more project dollars than any other Enterprise Architecture or IT Portfolio Management system in the world. In 2018, InQuisient technology tracked over 8,000 IT systems, performed over 20,000 assessments, managed 1000s of named users and had over $6 billion in IT systems under management within the tool in a single deployment.

“It’s an honor to be included in the list of CIO Review’s top Enterprise Architecture technology providers of 2019,” stated Scott Dixon Smith, CEO, InQuisient. “We’re thrilled to be recognized with the Company of the Year title for being at the forefront of tackling some of the most intricate challenges in the industry.”

“We’ve worked hard to develop practical solutions for critical challenges for enterprise organizations, and we believe InQuisient is the answer,” said Randy DeWoolfson, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, InQuisient. “We look forward to continuing to demonstrate our capabilities as we enhance and expand our tools.”

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About InQuisient

InQuisient’s integrated enterprise data management platform creates order from chaos, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels. The user-driven, browser-based platform upholds the highest standards of security and integrity. The web-based user interface is accessible 24/7, enabling real-time updates and report generation. Executives have one seamless view of information – from the organization’s vision, through the Enterprise Architecture that enables it, into the IT portfolio stack and the program portfolio that funds the changes – enabling business transformation at the speed of your mission. For more information, please call 888-230-2181 or visit