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InQuisient Introduces New Tools: IQ Asset Manager and IQ Agile Developer

Gain insight into your IT assets and leverage the power of agile development

Reston, VA – April 27, 2017 — InQuisient, the premiere provider of advanced data management solutions, has introduced its two newest platform tools: IQ Asset Manager and IQ Agile Developer.

InQuisient’s IQ Asset Manager analyzes your IT asset data to detect weaknesses and vulnerabilities, delivering authoritative data to ensure approved/unapproved lists are actionable. Leaders have an immediate holistic view of current IT assets, and can compare what you actually have with what your organization is approved to have.

Designed specifically for government and other large enterprise organizations, this tool addresses the problems created by the fact that the larger the enterprise is, the more IT assets there are to manage. Tracking all of these assets and keeping basic lists up-to-date are enormous, never-ending tasks, prone to human error simply because of the scope. And trying to align asset management with strategic planning is often out of reach because the two systems are so disparate.

IQ Asset Manager moves you away from error-prone human entries to machine-generated authoritative data, linking these two crucial tasks. Working on top of the InQuisient Platform, IQ Asset Manager helps you clearly see information from strategic planning to the operational environment, soup to nuts, truly connecting the dots all the way along the operational process.

InQuisient’s IQ Agile Developer allows you to leverage the power of agile development with the ease and flexibility of the InQuisient Platform.

Many organizations are seeing the need for change at a faster rate and with more consistent results. This balancing act is especially challenging in enterprise organizations. To succeed, enterprises must be able to rapidly change the way they create and deliver value to their customers. That means improving how they develop software and systems. The more complex, the more important collaboration, innovation, and speed become in ensuring success.

As a development methodology, Agile is a major step in that direction, but Agile was developed for small teams, and by itself, does not scale to the needs of the larger enterprises and the systems they create. IQ Agile Developer solves that problem, applying the power of Agile in a package that allows your team to connect to all of its data, leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) to ensure success.

“We’re very excited to bring these unique tools to the marketplace,” stated Scott Dixon Smith, CEO, InQuisient. “Both of these tools benefit leaders and team members from all levels of the organization, and are valuable solutions that will fill key gaps for many enterprise organizations.”

“IQ Asset Manager helps organizations to ensure best allocation of resources and budget. This clear view into your current IT stack enables an accurate comparison of your planned IT portfolio with your current architecture to identify gaps or overlaps. IQ Agile Developer improves team collaboration and focus, enabling all team members to see current project status, promoting accountability. We’ve worked hard to develop practical solutions to these critical challenges for enterprise organizations, and we believe these tools are the answer,” said Randy DeWoolfson, Chief Innovation Officer, InQuisient.

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