InQuisient Included in Syracom Architecture Management Tool Survey 2015

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Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a well-established discipline in many enterprises and is no longer restricted to the boundaries of the IT department. It covers the enterprise as it is meant to do. Also, it is integrated with other disciplines like strategic IT planning, portfolio management, or IT budgeting. A huge part of EAM’s success in the last two decades is due to the increasingly powerful Enterprise Architecture Management Tools that make EAM more efficient and effective. But as multifaceted as the EAM functions in different companies are, as multifaceted are the tools in the EAM tool market. There are many tools following different approaches and different philosophies. Combined with different levels of EAM maturity, this makes the EAM tool market confusing for the uninitiated.

The SYRACOM Architecture Management Tool Survey 2015 serves as an entry point for those wanting to find an EAM meeting their requirements. It also provides an overview over the tool market and tool strategies for tool providers. The survey was conducted by asking more than 50 EAM tool providers worldwide to answer a questionnaire of about 130 questions. 19 agreed to take part.

The survey stated that InQuisient is the most Generalized solution out of the 19 companies who participated. Additionally, InQuisient is listed in the top five for completeness of functionality.


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Founded in 1998, the SYRACOM group is an independent business and IT consultancy which focuses on the design and implementation of efficient and sustainable business processes. Based on their profound industry knowledge, besides Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), further fields of competences of SYRACOM are: business engineering, enterprise performance management, project management, as well as application management, development, and integration.


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