InQuisient Announces Tool to Help Automate the FITARA Process

InQuisient Announces Tool to Help Automate the FITARA Process

FITARA Fast Track Tool Tracks and Analyzes Data, Producing Reports Required Under FITARA Guidelines


Reston, VA – February 24, 2016 —InQuisient, a premiere provider of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and IT Portfolio solutions, is proud to announce the release of a new FITARA (Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act) tool, called FITARA Fast Track, to help government organizations improve their understanding of their business system investments and prove they are meeting their FITARA goals.

Due to FITARA and existing DoD regulations, Federal CIOs are under increased pressure to improve visibility of the acquisition process for information technology. Most organizations have no in-place tracking systems to connect their approved EA with program budgets – paperwork drills cannot keep pace with today’s data-driven enterprises. If budgets do not execute to the approved EA, that leaves CIOs in the dark about compliance with their own EA and mandates such as FITARA.

InQuisient’s new FITARA tool solves this problem with a data-driven approach that connects the EA to enterprise activities and programs, paving the way for organizations to attain good scorecards and establish effective CIO-level enterprise management practices.

Benefits of InQuisient’s FITARA tool include:

  • Establishes a broad-based data and truth-driven tool set that transforms the CIO’s EA into a living, breathing daily management tool, rather than a work of art.
  • Satisfies statutory DoD and OMB guidance for DoD and Civilian organizations regarding required EA processes.
  • As a Portfolio Management Tool, provides for full control and information sharing scaling to billions of dollars of interrelated business systems, tying budget action to the EA itself.
  • Provides a daily dashboard for each user of the system, with each user’s aperture, covering all the data that is relevant in the system.
  • Transforms the entire EA or Portfolio Process into advanced visualization for daily health assessments, enabling real-time decisions.

“With OMB implementing the FITARA mandate, we understand that organizations are on a deadline to meet the requirements for sustainable and lasting improvements,” stated Scott Dixon Smith, CEO, InQuisient. “We are excited to offer this new FITARA tool to help government organizations automate their process and clearly demonstrate that they are meeting their FITARA goals.”

“Our new FITARA tool tracks and analyzes data, creating an authoritative data repository and producing the reports required of organizations under the FITARA guidelines,” said Randy DeWoolfson, Chief Innovation Officer, InQuisient. “Our data-driven capabilities, including advanced access control and a configurable information model, allow us to continue to help our customers meet their requirements, while also reducing costs and improving operations.”


Learn more about how this tool helps to automate the FITARA process at InQuisient’s March 9 webinar – register here:

Stop by our table at Digital Government Institute’s Enterprise Architecture Conference & Expo on April 14 in the Pavilion Room of the Ronald Reagan Building, where you can hear our federal customer stories and learn more about our new FITARA tool.



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