InQuisient-Gov Con

InQuisient adds to their line of Everyman’s Data Management Tools

Herding cats is no easy assignment, but at least there’s a way to easily herd data spread across organizations thanks to InQuisient. Their platform has received praise from IT leaders in the intelligence and defense communities that have come to rely on InQuisient’s platform to create order from chaos, enabling the timely, multilateral flow of knowledge across all operational levels.

Known up until their recent name change as Enterprise Elements, InQuisient has been helping clients by expediting the collection of data from across organizations by consolidating raw data collected by individuals on the front-line and organizing that information so it is available to decision makers when and how they need it. This once excruciatingly slow process is now relatively simple using InQuisient’s platform. Their solution has given decision-makers much more useful information by rapidly consolidating and organizing critical information in a highly efficient manner.

InQuisient CEO Scott Dixon Smith summed it up nicely, “our platform helps users rapidly create the system they need to capture the specific data they’re searching for, and automatically gather the data into valuable collaborative reports without the need for a customized IT system. And all with a clear chain of custody and accountability.”

InQuisient’s web-based technology is being embraced by Intelligence, Defense, and Homeland Security customers, because their solution is quick to deploy, easy to use, and easy to transition to, while providing the scalability, security, and accountability required. They offer a couple of case studies for those who want to learn more about how their platform is being used: InQuisient Case Studies.

Earlier today (June 23,2015) InQuisient announced the addition of two new tools developed in part from client requests. GovCon published their announcement of the Private Portfolio Insight & Data Call Central tools earlier this morning: InQuisient Launches New Tools at GEOINT 2015.