Randy DeWoolfson

Chief Innovation Officer and Founder

Randy DeWoolfson is the founder of InQuisient, and serves as its Chief Innovation Officer. He has 30 years of professional experience in computer systems analysis, programming, design, and technical management.

Randy is an expert in relational database management systems, implementing projects as diverse as inventory tracking, bill of material tracking, remote data acquisition systems for consumer operated point-of-sale equipment, a federal grants management application, and a state-wide Medicaid tracking system. He holds multiple patents for topics such as a method of delivering customized advertising across a distributed network, and metadata repository related works, and a patent pending for a method of detecting fraud in transactional data environments such as medical claims or stock market trading.

Before founding InQuisient, Randy served as senior architect for Integrated Chipware; as VP, Systems, for Euclid Systems Corporation; and in various lead architect and development roles for several IT firms. His depth of knowledge includes expertise in relational database modeling – metamodeling; Oracle database tuning and optimization; enterprise architecture – multiple frameworks; systems architecture; metadata management; OO XP techniques; multitasking/multithreaded code development; and full product lifecycle development (hardware and software).